My new book, Get Out of Debt Hell


Now available on all Amazon sites as ebook and paperback.

Get Out of Debt Hell_eBook

“How could I have been so stupid?”

That was my overwhelming thought when reflecting on too many years of living on the edge with overspending and juggling credit payments. It all collapsed when an unexpected crisis happened in my life. This is a familiar story for many people, and I will help to guide you out of the debt problems that have blighted your life with practical solutions and ways to save money. I will help you to think more deeply about what led you into overspending, by casting a critical eye on the insecurities in modern British life and the subtle and insidious forces that seduce customers into spending on things that they don’t need. This is a call to everyone struggling with debt to break free of this hell – becoming debt-free will liberate you, improve your life and you will never look back. No matter how much you owe, you can do it!

It is a book written from a British perspective with a view on life and resources for debt help within Britain, but I’m sure that readers outside Britain will find the principles to be universal. Many countries are also experiencing the insecurities and mayhem that are currently happening in Britain; they are all being blighted by global trends.

There are many books on debt help, so why is this one different?

Well, many are concerned with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of budgeting, cutting back on your expenditure and working out a solution with your creditors. Some also provide excellent advice for the emotional difficulty of facing your debt crisis and overspending habits.

What I look at in my book is the influences in society and culture that have led to overspending habits, as it is difficult to address your emotional responses if you don’t have a clear idea of what has led you to them in the first place. Advertising methods, celebrity culture, peer pressure and the triumph of emotion over reason all conspire to induce you to desire what you can’t afford. Once you understand how these forces work, it is much easier to switch off from them. I hope that this will help you to think more deeply about perspectives that might not have occurred to you before and to develop your own ideas and thoughts.

In addition you will find lots of practical advice to help you start to become debt-free, ways to save money and there is a *bonus free recipe* too!


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